My Armored Combat Journey

Buhurt, Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), or Armored Combat are all types of medieval fighting. Knights wear full steel armor and wield historically accurate medieval weapons fighters swing swords, poleaxes, maces, and shields as they fight until one person or team is left standing and crowned champion.

Why did I decide to start doing Armored Combat? Why Not? I had so many things in my life not going the way I wanted and I needed something to help me focus on who I wanted to be and not pretended to be and Warlord Combat Academy in Dallas, TX is making the happen for me fighters. Check out my gallery of all the tournaments and events I participated in my first year. Regardless if I’m fighting Solo, with my fellow Warlords or my family The Knights of Wakanda I found a path to forge ahead and you should too!

Welcome to my world no clout, chasing no attitudes or bullshit. I’m just a man who happens to love beer and fight medieval! Check out and follow my social catch up on the Podcast DM me for bookings!

Are you READY 4 WAR!

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